Baccarat Tips: Manage Your Chips

First, look at the purpose of players entering the casino. It’s simple and without a doubt, just want to win money. Because legal casinos do not cheat people, betting fairly, and leave at any time when you win. I think all players will agree on this point.

The problem lies in the goal of winning. Bringing 5,000 yuan in gambling capital and bringing 200,000 yuan in gambling capital into the casino will definitely not be the same.

Some people want to use the small to make big (the rich), and some want to use the big to beat the small (the cable gambler). In fact, no matter what goal, as long as there is a goal, it is not a bad thing.

I am most afraid that some players do not have a goal to win at all and place bets frequently purely for the sake of gambling addiction. Such players account for a large proportion of them. Therefore, they have contributed to the glory of Macau’s gaming industry. Macau’s gaming revenue has surpassed Las Vegas. 4 times of Sri Lanka.

I personally believe that the goal of winning is the first step for players to enter the game to win money.

But players want to win casino money, and casinos want to win player money more, so the two armies have to face each other.

In my opinion, gambling with casinos is a war, and the casinos are obviously dominant. They have sophisticated weapons (positive yield), sufficient ammunition (unlimited chips), and a huge team (24 hours). When the weak face the strong, players who want to win the casino have to read more history books, which contain many examples of defeating the strong by the weak.

These examples have the following common strategies:

  1. Concentrate your forces and wait for the opportunity;
  2. When defending, there is no dripping, and when attacking, it is overwhelming;
  3. Build up the sand into a tower, take it when you see it, and never confront the huge main force of the enemy;
  4. If the defeat is set, some people must be protected to retreat.

The last point is the essence of war.

If it is applied to gambling on baccarat, manage the chips in your hand, do not bet lightly, try to wait for a good path.

And it is best not to bet more than two table games at the same time. When you have bad luck, you must withdraw your bet; when your luck gets better, you should boldly rush forward.

If you can’t fight back and forth, you are always losing money, you must leave at least 20% of your chips to retreat.

For example, with a gambling cost of 10,000 yuan, 2,500 yuan is left to retreat, losing 7,500 yuan.

The next time you enter the game, you can use 12,500 yuan to fight for 7,500 yuan with the 10,000 yuan of new gambling cost plus the last 2,500 yuan left. You will find that with this extra 2,500 yuan, it will double your attack. Sharp, more durable on defense.

If you can’t do the above, it is difficult for players to compete with the casino.

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