Grassland Beef Regional Protocol

Grassland Beef Protocol

The Southern Cone Grasslands Alliance is a union between diverse groups to protect natural grasslands across a large region of Uruguay, Argentina, southern Brazil and southern Paraguay.

The Alliance has developed a certification scheme that rewards farmers for rearing grass-fed cattle, as opposed to feeding confined cattle on soy and grain, and for managing their farmland so that it conserves natural grasslands and their biodiversity.

The Program Implementation Strategy for Grassland Beef aims to improve trade policy and livestock management on natural pastures.

Beef that carries the Grasslands Alliance eco-label allows consumers to identify and choose environmentally-friendly produce. In doing so, consumers directly help conserve natural grasslands and the threatened wildlife that depend them, they help contribute to the mitigation of greenhouse gases that are responsible for global climate change, and they provide rural family farmers with a sustainable livelihood.

In the following file Protocol for the production of beef is presented according to criteria set out by the Southern Cone Grasslands Alliance.


Protocolo_Carnes de Pastizal español

Protocolo_Carnes de Pastizal portugués